184 ADJ fixtures were specified by Lighting Designer Bart Strofmeel (Livelights), and supplied by production company SVS Showtechniek, for the Nuland Verlicht
livestream in the Netherlands at the end of last year. The venue chosen for the recording was Nuland’s picturesque village church, H. Johannes’ Onthoofding, which is more than 150 years old. This grand structure was completely transformed – both inside and out – with lighting production for the Nuland Verlight recording.
The primary moving head fixture used for the lighting rig was ADJ’s VIZI CMY300, a versatile unit which functions interchangeably as a beam, spot or wash. Harnessing the power of a 300W LED engine, this lighting workhorse offers an expansive set of beam-shaping tools led by its signature feature of full CMY color mixing.
To ensure that the performers themselves were illuminated clearly on the video stream, Bart made use of ADJ’s popular Encore FR150Z LED-powered stage lights. Each of these fixtures combines a large 8-inch Fresnel lens with a powerful LED engine to generate a soft-edged output.
To augment the front light, Bart also made use of four of ADJ’s versatile 32 HEX Panel IP LED wash fixtures to illuminate the performers with side and rear color fills. In addition, further fixtures were used to illuminate the rear wall of the performance space, which incorporated intricate stone carvings.
As well as lighting the stage area, Bart also chose to illuminate the main body of the church. 63 of ADJ’s 7P HEX IP LED wash fixtures were used to individually light every pillar, arch and wall, which allowed for the inclusion of atmospheric wide shots into the live stream. Meanwhile, a further 69 of these fixtures, together with 16 additional 32 HEX Panel IP units, were used to illuminate the outside of the venue.